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Hello and welcome to Rocket Japanese. This is a question that is put quite often by newcomers to the world of learning foreign languages and it simply shows that the user is indeterminate whether to do it or not. You really shouldn't be, as having more knowledge and wisdom about this world will help you view it from a different perspective and gives you a higher pleasure for living, and language learning helps you do just that. When you set out to learn a new language and different aspects of the culture around which it revolves, at first everything seems very difficult, or almost impossible in some cases. What matters more is your determination, whether you like the respective culture and if you really are willing to give up precious time in order to invest it in the process of language learning. However hard it may seem, this course is extremely useful if compared to other learning utilities found on the internet as it starts with you from scrap and takes you slowly through every stage, explaining every phrase, every word and even the tiniest bits of information in order to make you understand everything. Moreover, as you may have noticed, this course is not all "grammar + writing + tons of information", and is quite the opposite: everything is structured into specific lessons which contain a written part and also an interactive audio file for each lesson which makes the software seem more human-like and helps you get fully involved into the courses. This is very helpful because you get to exercise your pronunciation and do lots of speaking too. Of course, there are grammar and writing lessons too, but are structured in such a good way that they are not stressful at all, some may even seem enjoyable to do after you familiarize your self with the hosts. Another strong point for this course is that it also offers culture and travel lessons, so you can alternate between audio + vocab, writing, grammar and culture lessons in such a way as not to get overwhelmed by all the information. There is also a motivation center within the course which helps you determine what type of learner you are and teaches you how to learn more effectively. All in all, if you take it step by step (at which pace you want) with this course, learning Japanese becomes quite easy and rather fun. Good luck in you language learning and do your best ! - Coddo

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