Module 1.8 - honorific O

イ リ ニ

イ リ ニ

Hello everyone!

I'm trying to grasp when the honorific "o" is used and when it isn't.  In the instances below, the honorific is used in the first two instances , but not the second two (module 1.8).  Is this a case where, just like with を, it's often dropped in conversation?

おさかな を たべます / I'll eat fish
おにく を たべます /  I'll eat meat
こうちゃ を のみます / I'll drink tea
えいが を みます / I'll watch a movie

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こうちゃ is black tea. I think the honorific is reserved for Japanese tea: おちゃ.

I don't think I've ever seen an honorific お in front of えいが / movie.

This page might help:
イ リ ニ

イ リ ニ

夫婦茶碗 さん,

You share the most helpful links, thank you very much!!!

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