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Need Help Learning Japanese for Pokemon XY TV Series


I need to learn additional Japanese since I don't believe RJ has lessons for animes. XD I really want this because Pokémon XY English version will be a couple of months before they get to episode 15 of the series with Delphox, my all-time favorite X and Y Pokémon. So, can anyone please help me so I can understand the Japanese version of Pokémon XY Series? I do hope I'm not doing the wrong thing by posting this on the forums. XD


Hello r_folsomさん The Japanese used in animes are usually informal Japanese. If you have mastered the Japanese language from the Rocket Language packet you should be able to understand the informal speech- basically sentences that don't finish with です。いきますー>いく、OR いくぞ{male speech pattern). However they may use a lot of additional 単語(たんごーVocabulary). I suggest finding forums that may have the Japanese subtitles so you can read the hiragana or watching other animes with English or Japanese subtitles first so you can get used to the informal language. Using informal language is really easy once you learn the polite form so I also recommend reviewing your lessons if you have already finished the Rocket language course. Hope this helped. :) Lisa

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