Nihongo ga o jōzu desu ne


Is the 'o' before jozu honorific ? ga makes nihongo the subject of desu . But what is the o for ? Thanks !


it's simply a honorific particle which you put before a word to make it, well...honorific :). There is also Go as an honorific particle, but that's covered in later lessons. examples: Osushi ga suki desu -> I like sushi -> honorific "o" GOmeiwaku o okakeshite gomen nasai -> I'm sorry for causing you trouble/inconveniences -> honorific "go"






Amitさん、 こんにちは。 In your last sentence it should be: わたしは すしが好きじゃないです。 好き is a な adjective so when making it a negative we add じゃない。 E.g. きれい= きれいじゃない 日本語の勉強 頑張ってください!

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