Not Smart Enough?


So tonight I was doing the 1.3 lesson (sushi) and during the "know it" part of the testing I had 6 phrases I kept going over for about a half an hour and every time I came to them for the life of me couldn't remember what they were. Is this normal or am I just not smart enough to learn Japanese?


It's normal - don't worry!  Japanese is a very difficult language and you are likely to have to go over lessons many many times - particularly with regards to writing.

Don't be down hearted - it does stick eventually, it's just your brain needs practice!

toru e

I agree with Andrea-S59, the initial learning curve in Japanese is steep, but you'll see that even in the progression of the lessons, the same or similar structures will pop up again, so eventually, you'll get the feel of it. がんばってましょう。

Nick Hoyt

Yeah, it's totally normal for that kind of thing to happen. The flashcards for each rocket lesson can help a lot with that. Just spend a few minutes each day reviewing the phrases you're having trouble with and soon enough they will be stored in your long term memory!

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