Hola a todos,

Anybody having trouble with the recording function now that the new edition is here? I  gave it a try, as I was curious about the "improvements", but it's not working which is certainly not an improvement.



Hi Ricardo,
I haven't tried the recording function, but I have seen where other people have the same issue (I know, I'm not exactly helping!!). I'm sure they'll fix it once they're not so overwhelmed with all the other glitches! 


Recording works for me but I am using Chrome.  They have included Google's voice recognition module so that is probably what mandates Chrome.  I suppose when they have time, they may simply disable the voice recognition feature on other browsers if they can't use the voice recognition module there.


Hola a todos,

Thanks for the replies. I'm not comfortable with using Chrome so I'll just have to have to hope that things will be compatible with Firefox in the future.



My recording does not work as well and I am on Chrome.  Check out my lengthy post on the forum Feedback on the New 2016 Edition.


Hola Karen-B1,

 I checked  out your post. Well said Karen, apparently there are many problems and I hope they get fixed quickly.




Hello everyone, 

Thank you for your comments. As you probably already know we are working on these issues. Please go to this link to email us ANY issues that you are STILL having:

We would like to collate them all in one place so we can get to them faster. 
As for the using the course on different browsers, the members area is still compatible with main browsers, but Rocket Record will work best for Chrome users, as this is the only browser that is advanced enough for the voice recognition software. The other browsers are catching up, but aren't quite there yet. 
Firefox & Edge will be able to record audio without pronunciation feedback (so similar to the previous version but without the need for Flash Player). All other browsers, including Safari, can only play the tutor’s audio.

I hope this helps! Thanks again for your continuous support.

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