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What's the best Android keyboard that includes Katakana input?


I'm using the app on my Android phone, and I'm having trouble finding a good all-around keyboard for inputting Japanese. I'm getting used to the "12-digit" type keyboards, but the ones that have a button to convert Hiragana into Katakana either are paid versions, or their button goes and converts the entire string of text (even if I have a selection made, such as for the name ケニー).

Any help here? I don't want to have to buy one unless it's necessary. I even went and looked into purchasing one, but the entire purchase page was in Japanese and it "looked" like it was a subscription and not a lifetime purchase.


Hmm, I forgot I posted this… 5 months ago. Guess no one had any ideas in all that time, lol. I have Simeji in case of emergencies now but I mostly stick with SwiftKey and its Japanese input. It will mostly let you convert Hiragana to Katakana, though sometimes you need to put a space (unnatural in Japanese) between the words so that it can convert the correct string.

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