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寒いです! (さむいです!)



(Corrections welcome.)


It depends where you are in the world.

If you are using Celsius then sesshi should proceed the number.

If it were me I probably would have written. 昨日の温度は摂氏4度でした。きのうのきおんはせっし4どでした。



「昨日の温度は/きのう の おんど は」is very useful, ありがとう!

The weather is reported in Fahrenheit in the USA  so I guess 「かし」would precede the number+「度/ど」based on what you said above.

今、オーストラリアでは夏季です。 わすれて いました。ラッキー。
(※I'm not sure about the particle after Australia.)


I meant to write kinou made - until yesterday.  It has been very hot until yesterday.

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