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in video game?

Are there Kanji in video games, I never saw any inanything until atleast the second generation (The snes, sega genesis, etc.) so are there any?

6 replies - Last post by CatPanda - May 28, 2009

Rules for 'o'

Konnichiwa, I just purchased this course about a week ago and am studying the Hiragana along with it. I've run into something that I don't understand yet though. There are two symbols for 'o' both in Hiragana and Katakana, what are the rules for when to ...

5 replies - Last post by Sayaka-Matsuura - May 20, 2009

Need Help writing something!

Hi everybody, I live in a place where there are alot of japanese immigrants and seasonal workers. To get better at the Japanese language I would like to put out an add in my town asking for a personal tutor who I can practice conversations with, in return...

1 reply - Last post by Sayaka-Matsuura - May 13, 2009

Is "wa" sometimes written "ha" in hiraga

Sometimes I find that the hiragana for "ha," is used for "wa." If you look at the following excerpts from the lessons, you can see that the ha in "hajimemashite," is used as the wa in the sentence "watashi no namae wa K...

5 replies - Last post by VirEnsiferus - May 8, 2009

similar looking symbols

Is there a tip in reading and writing the differences to the following? shi - シ tsu - ツ so - ソ n - ン I notice that the angles of the lines are very slightly different, but I don't know if this is giong to be so easy for me to "kaku to yomu" :P

3 replies - Last post by Sayaka-Matsuura - May 6, 2009

Handwritten kanji

こんいちは、お元気ですか。 That's what it looks like on the computer, but nobody writes with such precision. Can somebody show me what *actual* handwriting looks like? i.e.. Do you know anbody, who writes their *a* or *g* like this?

10 replies - Last post by CatPanda - April 5, 2009

spelling some words

So, I found out my name in Japanese is Wiriamu... but How would I put this in Hiragana? I don't see any symbols for "wi"...I see one for Wa, but I couldn't change it with ya,yu, or what would I do :[

3 replies - Last post by Sayaka-Matsuura - November 2, 2008

any left out?

is there a jouyou kanji that's not in the 2,501 most commonly used kanji? ex. 肯 is #1813 Here's a website showing the 2501 most frequent kanji, is (are) there any missing jouyou kanji(s)? (Please forgive me for asking for such a staining task)

3 replies - Last post by Peake - October 21, 2008

Numbers in Hundreds?

Could some check and see if I got these correct? hyaku ひゃく = one hundred nihyaku にひゃく = two hundred sanbyaku さんびゃく = three hundred yonhyaku よんひゃく = four hundred gohyaku ごひゃく = five hundred roppyaku ろっぴゃく = six hundred nanahyaku ななひゃく = seven hundr...

4 replies - Last post by Sayaka-Matsuura - October 5, 2008

hiragana for "my"

Hi, I was using the MegaHiragana game and came across a character for "my". Is there a Japanese sound for "my"? Would you pronounce it like the English word "my"?

1 reply - Last post by Sayaka-Matsuura - September 9, 2008

What Japanese writing symbols should I learn?

What writing system would be the most helpful when reading general things like signs and a hand guide booklet in Japan? I plan on learning most of it but I would like to know which system I should completely learn for most everyday reading requirement pro...

2 replies - Last post by Tulache - September 3, 2008

Need some clarification with combined hiragana

Hello, I am currently studying some hiragana while doing your audio courses, and a friend of mine found some hiragana worksheets. I've been doing them pretty steadily and I found a question I am a little confused on, so I was wondering if you could help m...

3 replies - Last post by Raifums - August 28, 2008

How does one write a long vowel in katakana?

I am curious about how certain long vowel sounds are written in katakana, e.g. my name, Karl would be "kaaru," but I don't know if that would be written In Karate class, my Japanese teacher wrote it as カール, or カӝ...

1 reply - Last post by Sayaka-Matsuura - July 13, 2008

Bushu Kanji

In Bushu Kanji (Kanji Radicals), do I need to know the meaning and the pronunciation, or just the meaning?

1 reply - Last post by Sayaka-Matsuura - June 29, 2008

Kanji And Tradition

I want to move to Japan when I grow up. But I'm worried about the Kanji. Does the Newsletter provide enough Kanji AND information, so I can live in Japan without any big "Suprises".

1 reply - Last post by Sayaka-Matsuura - May 26, 2008

Small tsu

しつもんがあります How do I make a small tsu when typing in hiragana? For example: たのしかたです How do i put that small "tsu" in betwee...

1 reply - Last post by Sayaka-Matsuura - March 26, 2008

Hiragana symbol for ki

In addition to using the Rocket Japanese Grammar Newsletters, I purchased some other books and workbooks to help me learn hirigana, katakana, and kanji. I came across a discrepancy in the writing of the symbols for "ki". There is the symbol sh...

1 reply - Last post by Matumic - March 23, 2008

hiragana questions

Hi, I have been learning hiragana while I'm going through the rocket Japanese course, and have a couple of questions. First of all how come when there is a word with a long o sound instead of writing two o's, they put a u on the end? My second question ...

1 reply - Last post by Sayaka-Matsuura - March 17, 2008

Not easy to use the Character section of Kanji, etc.

Am I missing something? There is no place to see the characters first with the pronouncation written and spoken. I only get it after the fact when I click on all the choices until I get it correct. Not to comfortable for learning.... Am I missing somethin...

1 reply - Last post by Minis - December 19, 2007

Rocket Japanese and romaji

Romaji is simply the use of our own (Latin) alphabet to write the Japanese language. Even though Japanese writing really consists of sets of characters, the system of romaji is a hugely important stepping stone toward understanding and speaking Japanese. ...

0 replies - Last post by Sayaka-Matsuura - October 4, 2007

Hiragana or Katakana

As a beginner which of these alphabets do you recommend I start learning first....not sure I could handle both in these early days..???

1 reply - Last post by (deleted) - September 28, 2007

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