Good Korean Podcasts



This may have been asked before, but any good suggestions on conversational Korean Podcasts? Looking for something that I can just listen to, not something that stops and has you repeat. 


Also on that note, how does everyone get in their real world practice?



Hi LexC5, 

There's a lot of podcasts out there, so I'd recommend finding one related to your interests. You can also do a Google search for something like “best conversational Korean podcasts” or “Korean podcasts for beginners” to see if anything interests you. 


As for real world practice, I like to recommend surrounding yourself with the sounds of the Korean language. This might look like: 

- listening to Korean music

  • - watching Korean dramas and movies
  • - subscribing to Korean Youtube channels and podcasts
    - finding Korean friends (online or in-person)
  • - visiting Korean areas in your community (e.g. Korean supermarkets)


I hope this helps!

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