Forum Largest Known Custom Flashcard Set: "Test of Large Custom Chinese Flascard Set (545 cards)"

Largest Known Custom Flashcard Set: "Test of Large Custom Chinese Flascard Set (545 cards)"

David K

David K

FYI, I've been successful in creating and using a custom flashcard set of 545 cards in the Chinese section.  Not that I'm competitive or anything like that.  I just thought flashcard enthusiasts would be pleased to realize how well the system is now working and that there does not seem to be a low limit on set size. 

I find  custom flashcards to be incredibly helpful.  It is so much faster for me to study these 545 target vocabulary, phrases, and sentences in one setting, than to have to search all over 25 plus other card sets the originals occur in.  I've also started creating set of the really long German sentences, some of which carry on for 3 or 4 lines, perhaps due to some idiosyncratic characteristics of German language enthusiasts who seem to have a curious predilection to writing really long sentences like that Goethe fellow who once wrote a single sentence spanning three pages, which is the longest example I am aware of, although I should mention that this is not my particular area of expertise despite a substantial interest.,.,  (this supposed to be a little German language humor here that I'm throwing in such for fun.)

Oh, just as a friendly reminder to anyone creating their first custom card sets. Make sure you save often and before finally going off the page or you will lose your work. 

One other hint.  Although we do not yet have the ability to save or search other Flashcard sets into a target custom set, one can find the original sentence in the Lessons section, click on the start to the right of the sentence, and it will show up in your MyVocab List.  From there, one can import it into a custom card set.

Given how incredibly useful this can, I am hoping our incredibly productive, helpful, patience, and appreciated Rocket Software Development team can give us the ability to have more than one MyVocab list, (which different names.)   My German list is over 82 pages long so when I am adding sentences, going through the whole file 20 times to find the different sentences get tedious.  Although is it possible to put a temporary start prefix of AAA so they clump together at the top, but then we have to go back and change them back)



PS I use about a dozen other language software program as well, and have noticed that the Rocket Cards have the best font size and general layout.  The text is large, clear and easy to read even from three feet or more from the screen.  And the colors and layout are beautiful and well chosen.  :-)


Hi David - Thanks for that! Please note that the ability to import from csv should be added later this week, or early next week at latest.
David K

David K

Thanks Jason, that will be great.  Another addition you might consider would be to add the ability  to import from the Rating Buttons of the Flashcard sets.  Like, let's create a set from all the  Flashcards I've just marked "Hard." 

Yesterday, I just added the part two Hanzi Radical set so we now have access to all of the standard most commonly used 214.  But, I did theme in just two sets, one of 100 and the other of 114 which is convenient for review, but perhaps a little too large for those just beginning.  Most courses clump their flashcards in set of 25 to 50 at a time, which is more effective for most when first learning a new set of words.  A more comfortable "bite-size."

If I had some way to quickly take sections of this size from the existing sets, I could quickly produce copies in 8 parts as additional sets for the convenience of beginning students.

As it stands, I'd have to cut and past the three sections by hand for each word, which took me over 2 hours for the existing two sets of Hanzi Radicals Part 1 and Part 2.

BTW I really like the ability to easily list the flashcards in the edit function aVnd then edit or delete them line by line.  It would be great if you could add this exisitng templete to the My Vocab function.

Also, the size, and color of the flashcards is wonderful.


Hi David - The upcoming import function will probably help with dividing FlashCards. In that if you have a csv of all the phrases you could then manipulate that csv to make the different FlashCards sets required.

I will add the idea of being able to add "not easy" cards to a new FlashCard set!
David K

David K

Thanks Jason.  I'll have to look up what this csv filetype is all about.  I've seen you and Robert talking about it a lot but I have not knowingly used it before. 

I have to commend your willingness to engage with your customers - students.

I've used dozens of language learning programs and have seen no other CEO, or even support team as accessible and responsive as your Rocket team.  This makes a big difference to me and I'm sure a lot of your other users.

Even just acknowledging a wish list item and reporting your will add it to the items for future consideration creates a relationship with the users - or what I like to think of as a learning community.

Thanks again and keep up the great work.



Hi David - The csv is basically an Excel file. But because it is in Excel it is much easier to manipulate the data fields. E.g. you can copy/paste into the spreadsheet, sort the data into the appropriate columns, import into a new FlashCard Set.

And, thanks for the feedback. Responsiveness is one of our edges!

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