Forum What happendd to the arabic writing lessons ?

What happendd to the arabic writing lessons ?



Hi i have been taking Rocket Arabic for a while and was about to start my 6th module writing lessons where id be writing words based  on a specific theme. but now it shows that all the writing lessons are about writing the alphabet , which i have already done in modules 1 and 2 . i would just like to know why it has been changed because  if this is a permanent change i am very disappointed.


Hi Nataevia, 


I'm sorry to hear that your learning was interrupted! We felt that the Writing lessons should focus on writing and not vocabulary so recently we updated them.

You'll notice that each letter has its own lesson now, with new videos, explanations and audio examples. You'll see a "NEW" label next to these lessons. 

Each lesson now has videos of example words so you can actually see how to join the letters in words, so I would recommend going over the new lessons and video examples.

Since these changes have involved adding a number of new lessons to the course, your progress will unfortunately start from scratch for these. However, we are sure that you will find them a massive improvement on the old lessons!

Enjoy the new content - and please let us know what you think!

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