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French attitudes to Monty Python humour.


Just for interest, what do the French think in general about the "French knights" in Monty Python and the Holy Grail?

Do they find them funny or are they offended, or is there a split in viewpoints? 
Come to think of it, are they dubbed (and given an outrageous English accent) or subtitled?
I'd appreciate Marie-Claire's input on this.
After all, in the film they do get the better of the English knights.



Bonjour Peter--252,

I would say that the French Knights in Monty Python are protected from PC scrutiny by the innocence of an older time. If a similar movie were to be made now and given more relevant reference to modern day French culture, then I would expect people to take offense, but as it stands, I would say most (can't speak for all) French people simply find them comical caricatures. 

I hope this helps,

   -   Marie-Claire


The humour of "Monty Python" is an acquired taste even for the English (says this Canadian born in England).

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