What is SNCF?


In Lesson 10, Survival Kit, Trains, is the phrase La SNCF / La Société nationale des cheminots français.  The recorded speech is La SNCF / Service nationale des cheminots français.

I struggled  to make my speech match the recording and the printed text until I realized I couldn't; the text and recording didn't match.  I then got curious as to exactly what SNCF means and found the following on the English side of the official website The SNCF (Société Nationale des Chemins de fer Français).

Please check into this.


I reported this several months ago, Diana-S1, but obviously RF didn't take any action. It's a shame!


I agree it's a shame that they didn't follow up either of our reports.  Obviously, there's a problem, especially since neither the lesson's text nor the audio match what is on the official website.


Bonjour à vous deux!

Je suis vraiment désolée. J'avais essayé de regler ce problème il y a quelques mois mais sans succès. I'm very sorry! I had tried to rectify this problem a while ago but obviously something went wrong . I shall get this fixed asap.

Thank you for pointing it out.

   -   Marie-Claire

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