Adobe PDF files No audio on LP31



I was listening to the verb conjugations in the Grammer files and had listened to Lesson Plan 30, Essentially Avoir and Etre, and had gone on to LP 31 to do the same with Aller and Faire. No Audio. No hovering message saying "click for audio". I tried LP32, and the audio appears to work fine with Venir and Dire, and a few other sections that I sampled. I have reinstalled the program both from the executable zip file and directly from the web site. I have downloaded the Winamp program and I have looked at the other posts. NADA. I conclude that LP31 is defective. This is not a good start for a program that spends a lot of time patting itself on the back in its advertising, but has less than sterling quality PDF files, and other apparent quality issues. I don't expect excessive glitz for the price, but I do expect good black and white, and audio that works.

Hi there, I apologize for the inconvenience. The audio worked fine for me, so I'm really not sure why it didn't play for you, especially seeing that the other lessons seem to play fine on your machine. I have just emailed you Lesson 31 again, so I hope it works for you now. We are in the middle of revamping the Rocket French course to present it in a more user friendly system. We are also in the process of adding more interactive quizzes, progress tracking and audio books. We hope to have the new system live early next year. I will keep you updated. Thanks :D

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