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Better text listing for phrases in french audio course



You can view the French dialogue for the audio courses., .. But the dialogue listed doesn't cover everything in the audio course. For example in Part 1 lesson 1 you are taught to say, "Do you speak French, I speak English, Yes, No, ... and these phrases aren't included in the list. It would be helpful if you could also click on the sentences/phrases in the list and hear them spoken. Sometimes I would like to practice this a phrase or two without having to search through the whole MP3 file.

Hi there, thank you for your feedback. I will have a chat to the French team to see what we can do about it as every learner is different and prefers different methods. Nevertheless, by not having every sentence written down you'll learn how to start speaking a language the way a native does: from the audible word aloud. This skill will prove invaluable if you spend any time abroad, because you'll be trained in picking up new words from the conversations around you. This is why we recommend that you listen to the Audio Lesson without the benefit of the transcript of the conversation, because hearing French words aloud and learning to repeat them without the benefit of the written word will build this very special language-learning skill in your brain. You can find most of the words and phrases that are used in the Interactive Audio Course in the written material and newsletters if you want to practice them. Thank you and all the best for your French learning!

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