Breaking a lesson down a bit



I joined Rocket French some time ago & immediately thought it the best language course ever but recently I find that I'm using a free course called Duolingo just about every day & have neglected my Rocket French.

Duolingo I am well aware is not nearly as good but in analysing  this its due to Duolingo being so interactive, & also if I'm honest its much easier to do short interactive sentences in quick succession.

I am I suppose a bit lazy & I often just do 5 minutes on Duolingo and then stop for a rest.

I am going to start doing Rocket French more often again, I actually rather enjoy it & I am returning to France soon, but I'm wondering if you have any ideas about how I can break the  lessons down a bit to allow for my natural laziness.




I would start with a daily points goal.  If you often do only 5 minutes on Duolingo, I would make sure your point total in Rocket will cause you to at least double or triple that, after all you are going to France soon!

I would also not move on from a phrase, word or sentence until you master it and can say it in your sleep sounding like the native speaker.  That will give you confidence to use those words in "real time" while you are there.  Sometimes it helps me to print out the PDF of a lesson and just read it when I have the time.

Bonne Route!


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