Errors in transcription Chapitre 5.2



@ 8:22 Paul says 'car' and this is transcribed as such, but it is meant to be «parce que». Same error at 14:22, but at 23:48 it is correctly transcribed. Claire clearly says «parce que» each time.  At 22:40 Claire correctly says  « de l'autre côté » but this is transcribed as « à l'autre côté »; it is said and written correctly at 23:48.


Salut MCK !

Thank you very much for pointing these issues out to us, and our apologies for the discrepancies!

I will pass the car vs. parce que switching issue on to our audio team to take a look at.

I will also let our team working on the transcription system know about the discrepancy between de l'autre côté and à l'autre côté. Our transcription system is still in beta, so we do expect some discrepancies between it and the audio; however, we are working on improving it.

Merci encore et bonne journée !


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