Forum Rocket French French Feedback and Comments Extremely frustrating; I do the testing after the doing a chapter; say 1.5 Booking a Room, and the Know It and Say It, etc results DO NOT SAVE.

Extremely frustrating; I do the testing after the doing a chapter; say 1.5 Booking a Room, and the Know It and Say It, etc results DO NOT SAVE.



What is the point of spending time working so hard to finish the entire test section when it then shows your results as 0% done? This has happened multiple times on almost every chapter. I am doing them on the iOS app. Severely impacting my motivation to continue. This is refund level frustration.
marieg-rocket languages

marieg-rocket languages

Hi sixup604,

We apologize for any inconvenience or confusion caused. The app is currently being revamped and we believe this is related to the issues you have described before, we expect that once the new app is available all the issues will be resolved.

For the time being, we recommend using the browser in a desktop/laptop; please also note that even though the progress is not saved in the app, it is updated on the online access.

Kind Regards!


Neither "Hear it, Say it" or "Know it" are updated. I have completed "Hear it, Say it" twice, and was 70% through it for a third time when it bounced me out and did not save yet again. Both of those tests show 0% in my dashboard on my desktop either Safari or Chrome browsers.

I appear to accumulate points, but the testing sections stay grey, not turning green when I finish and go to the next testing section, and  so not reflecting my progress at all. I also note that I get an error message flashing at the bottom of the app every few minutes that says something like 'rocket languages requires online access' when it is in fact connected by wifi.

Are you saying that my test results are saved somewhere and WILL turn up in my dashboard at some point? And, ongoing,  will they turn up immediately, as they should,  if I do the testing at a desktop? When is this new app available? I love Rocket French, but I hate using the desktop option. 

I need you to tell me exactly how to use this program so that my testing results are accurately saved as this experience is literally not what I signed up for. =(
marieg-rocket languages

marieg-rocket languages

Hi Isabella, 

I just checked the account and lesson 1.6 is what is shown as the last lesson completed, is this accurate? All the testing sections in this lesson are shown as completed. If you take the testing in the app, every time you leave the app and go back in again, you will see this reset happen.

I do understand that you feel more comfortable using the app, but to avoid confusion or that you do more than one testing again and again, we recommend using a browser on a desktop/laptop, while we work on the app and fix the issue; unfortunately, I would not be able to tell for sure when the app will be ready, but we are making all our efforts to have it updated as soon as possible. 

Kind Regards.

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