Feminine and Masculine



Ive been trying to find this out for a while, how in the world do you know whether an object is feminine or masculine??? I dont want to try to guess either if i ever speak french, i wont to know for sure that all the nouns i say are either feminine or masculine, how in the world do you know if they are feminine or masculine, and how do i find out??? :?:

Hi there, I know, it's a bit tricky to get a feel for gender at the beginning of your French studies. The whole concept of gender can feel quite confusing. Having a gender does not mean that nouns actually refer to male or female things, although, in most cases, the nouns that refer to males (a male animal, a male doctor) are masculine, while nouns that refer to females are generally feminine (such as a female doctor). You won't be able to fugure out the gender of most nouns from their English equivalents. Once you know the word in French, however, you'll be able to figure out the gender by becoming familiar with its sound and where it fits in the rhythem of a sentence. The article in fron of a noun gives you a clue to the gender and therefore you should alsways learn new nound with their article. Have a look at lesson 1 and 2 of our Rocket French grammar guide to find out more about the concept of gender. :D

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