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French 5.4 Quiz content; Survival Kit 1.4



Re the quiz in Lesson 5.4 "Posting Things Home", a couple of the questions ask about content not covered in the lesson.

Also, Survival Kit Level 1.4 "All About Life in the City"- there are a number of terms which are repeated several times, the only difference often being use of indefinite article vs definite article vs no article at all. It's a very big list and I'm wondering if the repetitions could be pared back a bit?

There are also one or two terms which I find confusing because they seem to be spelled/accented slightly differently but seem to mean basically the same thing. I'm referring specifically to Bureau de Change (currency exchange), vs Bureau d'Échange (office of exchange). 

Edit:  I have just completed the quiz from lesson 5.5 "Plurals", and all the questions seem to belong to the previous module 4.13 "Comparatives". 
Also, these terms were included in the list for the plurals chapter:
  • bien que
  • au pire
  • c'est à dire
I know they're listed in the "New words" section, but it strikes me that they are not included in the list for the following Lesson 5.6 on connecting words and phrases. They seem to fit better there. 

On Flashcards (I know this list is growing, but I figure, while I'm here): is there a way to add words from My Vocab to an already created Flashcard deck without having to type each one in manually? It would be great to have a button for each word in My Vocab that says "Add to Deck {Name}", or have a function within a deck where you can bulk-add a list of words without having to type in each one. 

Re the Benchmark tests: I know the objective is to assess overall knowledge of the level, however, I wonder if the content could be a bit more selective, instead of putting the entire content in wholesale?

On several occasions I have gotten answers incorrect simply because the questions or examples are ambiguous, especially those which ask you to define single words with no context. I may type "d'où" when I should have typed "doux", for example. Same for verre/vers, lent/long, temps/tant, attends/à temps, vous aidez/vous aider, etc. Could the content chosen for the Benchmark tests be selected for clarity and context, with as little ambiguity as possible?


Salut Gabrielle-D !

Merci beaucoup pour vos impressions ! We appreciate your taking the time to put together your feedback on the course.

 For the quizzes in Lesson 5.4 and Lesson 5.5: We are aware that it would be better to have some of the quiz questions placed in other lessons and/or made more relevant to the lesson that they are in; this is on our list of things to fix in an upcoming review of the French course.

For the Survival Kit lesson "All About Life in the City": There is indeed a lot of duplication in this lesson to allow for some thorough vocabulary practice; however, there should only be one version of each vocabulary term introduced in the Reinforcement section at the end of the lesson, so that you do not get tested on the same word multiple times. I can see that a couple of duplicates have slipped past us there, so I will go through that lesson to get them all weeded out.

The terms bureau de change and bureau d'échange can be used interchangeably when talking about exchanging currencies, which is why they are both introduced in this lesson. While they sound similar, though, they are not the exact same terms. The term bureau de change only ever refers to a currency exchange, where you can trade money in one currency for money in another. The term bureau d'échange, on the other hand, can refer to either a currency exchange office or a post office with special facilities for foreign mail transfers.

For the FlashCards: It is possible to add a bulk list of words from My Vocab directly to a FlashCard list with the click of a button, but only if you are creating a new list. This feature is not currently available for existing FlashCard lists. However, I will pass this along to our development team to take a look at as well. 

For the Benchmark tests: These are currently slated to be looked at by our development team. I will pass your comments on so that they are considered when these issues are reviewed - thank you very much for your input!

Merci encore, Gabrielle-D !

Bien cordialement,


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