French Keyboard Missing 2 Accents


The French keyboard in the "Write It" exercises in the French modules is missing 2 accents: circumflex (accent circonflexe) â, ê, î, and diaeresis (tréma)ë, ï, ü .

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Hi Brenda, 

These characters are actually available on the virtual keyboard; you may find this image helpful:



Hi Brenda, maybe International keyboard shortcuts will get you there for the rest of your life. (The link is for Mac users, so if you use Windows make sure you click the appropriate link.)

At a first glance, I wasn't very happy with these shortcuts as they look rather complicated. But believe me, it takes no more than five minutes to get used to them. - You will soon find out that  in French you hardly ever use more than four: ´, `, ^ and ¨.

I got so fond of these shortcuts that apart from French I use them in every day writings and e-mails. Worth trying!


Thank you for the replies. The ability to use circumflex (accent circonflexe) â, ê, î, and diaeresis (tréma)ë, ï, ü  were certainly not self evident.

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