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Hi, I need some help with regards to improving my french language skills. In fact I need small texts on preliminary level
(for example, in compliance with program of Premium: Level 1) that can help me to understand french and as I know there should be some free sessions about this issue.

Thanks in advance


I am also on premium level 1 in french and although not free, I went to Amazon and got some small books called Parallel Text - French Short Stories 1.  What  is nice is that the French stories are in French and on the opposite page in English.  Use a dictionary to help figure out words and notice how the sentences are constructed. Then you can check yourself against the English translation. The stories get increasingly more challenging.  I have only worked through 1 story but was glad when I could decipher an entire paragraph.  Also try children stories in French.  I hope that helps!


When I started I bought "French for Dummies" and it helped alot.  Now a year and a half later, I still consult it often.  Simple and basic.


I agree with Meages and I had forgotten that I use that when I am out and about without a means to listen to pronunciations.  I like the fact that it is spelled out for you in FFD.  Which version did you use?  I have the 2012 All-in-one French for Dummies which has a lot of content, great notes and an audio CD as well as access to a on-line cheat sheet and other stuff as well as a smaller French for Dummies.  I also picked up an old copy of the Berlitz Self-teacher French (1949) at a garage sale for 10 cents (same version that they sell for $12 on Amazon) which also has pronouncing help and little lessons (and a answer chapter at the end). This is great for expanding vocabulary.  Bonne chance avec votre studies!  [don't have a way to do the accents here].  

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