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Why is it that the new French Travelogue is treated like a different language from French?  It seems to me that if a person purchases a Travelogue in a language (e.g. French) for which one also has regular lessons, the two should be seamlessly linked together, but they aren't.  I've been studying French for some time and have reached French Gold Star Master; however, when I work with the Travelogue, suddenly I'm French Certified.  When I look at the Travelogue Leaderboard, nobody is higher than Certified, but I'm sure most people on the Leaderboard, have lots more points than that in their French studies.

Another thing:  Although my longest streak is 131 days in French, in the Travelogue it's 16 days, even though  I purchased  the Travelogue less than 16 days ago.  What this also means is, if I decide to one day to work only with the Travelogue, then no points are awarded to the regular language and a continuous streak that I was working on is broken.  Thus, if I work with only the Travelogue one day, I must open a regular French lesson and do something to get 2 points to keep the unbroken streak.


Hi Diana - We are looking into how easy or otherwise it will be to combine these courses into one Dashboard!

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