Grammar and Culture Series



Salut! I just recently joined Rocket French and saw in the introduction the Grammar and Culture Series classes being mentioned. I also saw the post by bcschwartz about the same question and added my comment but never received a response. So here I go again - can someone point me to where exaclty I can find the 45 lessons of Grammar and Culture Series? Are these the same ones that constitute the software lessons (I already downloaded the software but the lessons there do not specifically refer to Grammar and Culture Series) or are these something else? Merci

Hi Marina, sorry, I must have missed your post. Yes, you are right- the 45 lessons that are part of the downloadable software are the grammar and culture series. I apologize for the inconvenience and I guess we should review the naming as it seems to be confusing. I hope you enjoy learning French. Have fun! :D

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