HELP! Pronounciation


Anyone with a good handle on how to pronounce il/ils AND elle/elles, please step up to help. 

I had no problems before after all the changes and updates but now I couldn't even get 25%. "I did get that" or "Mic problem" or "move on..." but I don't have problems with other familiar words and new ones. 

Any insights will be greatly appreciated. My head and jaws hurts from 3 days of just pronouncing these 4 little words. 


Sorry about the typo. "I DIDN'T get that" was one of the responses. 


Is there anybody else who struggles immensely with the voice recognition. As a microcosm of this recurring problem, about 5 minutes ago my blood was beginning to boil as I made probably close to 50 attempts to say 'En fourrure'. When I am in a better mood I will usually try almost indefinitely until I get it right but I have grown fed up. If you put a native Frenchman in my room as I attempted to say these phrases he could not even tell the difference between my attempts. I am absolutely not suggesting that I am saying these phrases correctly but I could say the same exact phrase at the same exact volume using the exact same tone and inflections and the voice recognition will spit out wildly different results - like crazy different, usually without any pattern. I speculate that voice recognition could be generally okay in Spanish, in Italian..while the French is possessed by an evil spirit. I gather that this voice to text engine is something for Chrome, and I'm not optimistic about trying to express my concerns in a more direct way via the support tab. Maybe I don't care whether the staff are even guaranteed to read my opinion on this one. What will they say -- 'we're sorry', and 'do you think there is something about your computer? Maybe it's the type of microphone? Are you being an idiot?'  


Yes it's very inconsistent to say the least.  I can get a 25% then repeat it again and again the same exact way and will eventually get a 100%.  I am to the point where I just listen to my recording to make sure I sound like the naive speaker.  I have also found that a microphone does not help.  I can grade myself better than the voice recognition can.


It also will say "Sorry didn't get that" but you will listen to your recording and you can hear yourself clearly.

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