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How much should i study each day?


Hi, i just purchased the french course and I am very keen to get on with it, how much study should i do each day, if you study too much to you learn less? :roll:


Salut Poppins! I would recommend completing 1-2 lessons each day. I think it's a good idea not to rush it and to let the lessons sink in a bit before moving on to the next one. However, each person has their own pace so feel free to go as fast as you like if you're feeling comfortable! I'm glad you're enjoying your Rocket French course! :D


Hi Claire, I would like to know if there is any specific time limit (from the start date) to complete the Premier Course ? Warm Regards.


Salut Setaki D, Thanks for the question! There is no time limit on your course. Your membership is for life! We usually say it takes about 3 months to complete a level of the course, but you can certainly take as much or as little time as you'd like. Merci, Marie-Claire


I am desperate to learn french I have no school french whatsoever. I never seem to advance with it or want to sit and learn more, but need too. The answer to my progress is blatantly obvious and no mystery to me since I rarely look at the course materials and make excuses as to why I can't be bothered. I have periods of satuaration where i immerse myself in the french language for a few days and periods of absolutely nothing for weeks on end. Is there someone out there who has had this problem and a way of overcoming it. I realize discipline will play a part but I am hoping someone ticks my motivation box and inforce what i already realise what i should be doing. It all sounds rather pathetic when I read what i have written, but that is how it is, help!!


Salut Claire, When I listen your conversation, sometime i bit confused on your pronunciation. Can u give the pronun spelling in english. example: Bonjour (Bonzoor) Comment (kom mah(n) Anyway I am enjoying a lot the course! Merci beaucoup! Latha


As much as possible.


Here's my experience:  For me the French study isn't easy, as I have a learning disability.  However, I'm enjoying it.  It's also amazing what I've learned about the English language by studying French, and maybe part of my enjoyment comes from my love to study the English language.

Consistency is important!!  I try to study every day, and the morning works best for me.  If I don't have time for my usual amount of studying, I at least look at the French a little bit.  I work one lesson at a time until I feel comfortable, and then I move on.  It took me about three years to complete all the Premium Level 1 lessons, but I'm sure others can do it faster than that, even much faster.


Bonjour, Salut!

Well. For those with busy lives, here is a rule: One lesson per day. I think that one lesson per day is fast even for a busy adult with work and family obligations. Well, look at how many lessons each level has and the Travelogue.

Premium: 97 lessons
Premium Plus: 67 lessons
Platinum: 67 lessons
Travelogue: 40 lessons

If the learning speed is one lesson per day, it takes 97+67+67+40=271 days to complete all the lessons here. If you say that you take 1 solar year=365.2425 days, 365.2425-271 days will equal to 94.2425 days. When I complete lessons, it takes one hour for me, and about 10 minutes to write a good forum opinion. You can use the rest of the free days to write your opinions in French to practice your typing skills if you want.

So sometimes my formula may be screwed for some people as they may get the benchmark tests all right by mostly guessing. Montagne is mountain, because mont is mount in french and mount is short for mountain. I think sometimes if you're very smart  you might take a whole level in 5 days like the LEARN FRENCH WITH VINCENT channel. If you don't know what the levels are to the European Framework of Languages, here is a translation here. The brackets indicates what skills are required to achieve the EFL's levels.

Level 1: A1-A2 (A1: Good introduction about yourself. A2: Everyday conversations)
Level 2: B1-B2 (B1: Independent ideas for life hacks. B2: Long opinions about current events)
Level 3: C1-C2 (C1: GCSE level foreign language fluency.  C2: Native language mastery)

Trivia: I took 15 minutes to write a full opinion. 10 mins= good opinion and 15 mins=full opinion.

Bonne chance! Au revoir!

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