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How to improve my pronunciation of numbers



My pronunciation of numbers has always been a hit and miss whether they were about money, hours, day/month/year. 

For example if I had to say soixante euros, 90-95% of the time it came to be 60 € in red and the percentage grade would be 50% even if the rest of the sentence was correct and spelled in alphabets. If I got a "soixante euros" once and I hoped to be struck by lightning twice but no, I would never get it back after 30-50 tries. I gave up and move on without ever having any improvement after a few months. 

Vingt et une heures will be 21 h in red

Le quatorze février deux mille un will be Le 14 février 2001 with the numerals in red

On the one hand I don't understand why the VR could pick up 60 € but not the spelling itself. On the other hand assuming I were indeed saying 60 € then the French speaking salesperson would understand me in a shop. This same pondering applied to hours, day/month/year. 

Any suggestions? I am desperate and frustrated. 
Merci mille fois
toru e

toru e

I thought the number speech recognition issue was global. I sympathize with the desire to get the validation for "correct pronunciation" but honestly, I don't put any credence on this feature at all. It's a quick and dirty "check", that's all, not real feedback on speaking and being understood. I wouldn't stress over it too much.


Thanks torusan, as always!

Being a novice/beginner and insecure, the worst combination I need some reassurance and validation. I WILL not stress over it any more, hopefully. :-) We all have our weaknesses. 

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