Is there anyway we can type accent?


Is there anyway we can type accent when creating a new word in the MegaFrench software? I think the feature is great, but sometimes it's annoying not being able to type the accent, and as you know, French has a lot of accents on the words. Thanks


Hi there, you can find the accents right underneath the field where you type in the answers. Just click on them to insert them. I hope that helps.


What about on the Mega Vocab creator? There doesn't seem to be a place to enter an accent


Hi Eballan, in the MegaVocab section you just need to choose the correct French word from the 4 options on the right side of the screen. I hope this helps :)


how to type circonflex using french keyboard, put can't see the possibility.  Patti

toru e

You'll need to check/click the tickbox on the lower-left of the pop-up keyboard to be able to select the carat/circonflex first, then the letter.

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