Leçon 6.8



I know this complaint has come up before, but it is extremely annoying that the program continues to highlight as incorrect answers that it transcribes in numerals rather than words, or occasionally the converse. Surely it can't be that hard to ensure that this is fixed - after all, it is a programming issue that results in this occurring in the first place.  1500 Euros is 1500 Euros, however it is written. 


Salut MCK !

Thank you for your feedback! 

Our apologies for this issue - we recognize that it is indeed frustrating to receive this kind of response from the voice recognition. The source of the problem is that we rely on third-party voice recognition software and it has some difficulty when it comes to things like numbers - particularly cardinal ones. Our IT team is looking into this and is working to find a fix that can resolve this issue from our end.

Our apologies once again for the frustration. We hope to get this corrected across all phrases in the future.

À la prochaine,


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