Lesson 21.8 All about Adverbs



Hoping someone will reply to this please; have heard nothing so far:

In this lesson we are told that the adverbs are pr[e acute]cis[e acute]ment and [e acute]norm[e acute]ment but the examples following use [e] rather than [e acute] in the middle of the word.  
There is also a discrepancy in the explanation and example of poliment.
Further down there is an example using the phrase La premiere fois, this time with [e grave] missing from the word premi[e grave]re.

These things need to be clarified/corrected please.

PS Why can't we cut and paste from a Word document into this box? Or access the little on screen keyboard.  I have had to resort to typing [e acute] and [e grave] which looks a bit silly but i can't find any other way of doing it!

Thank you.


Bonjour Meriel,

Again, could you please provide the lessons in which these mistakes appear and I will get it fixed straight away.

In terms of adding accents, it may be best to add a keyboard to your computer, or switch your English keyboard to an international one that allows to simply as accents: éèêë. Search keyboard in the search option at the bottom left and then click on the option to add a language. Look for English, the international version.

I hope this helps!

   -   Marie-Claire


Hi Marie-Claire
It's in Lesson 21.8.  All about Adverbs.

"Search option at the bottom left...."  Bottom left of where please?

Thank you.



Hi Meriel, I don't know what machine you are using, but I am able to use (on a PC) various codes using the alt key.
It's not as easy (at first) as the keyboard app (when available), I have found that when I got used to it I was able to enter the characters more quickly than using the virtual keyboard, and the more common ones are easy to remember, due to repetition.

For example, to enter é, hold the [alt] key and type in 130 (quickly).
Other common ones (if it works for you and you decide to use this method) are
è [alt]+138, à 133, ê 136, ç 135 etc. 

An alternative (and full list) can be found at 
although I would caution it gives me a 'not secure' message in the address box (I use Norton & Malwarebytes so I suspect one of these is being over-cautious).

Alternatively I can provide a list here.

Perhaps try it in Word first, and then give it a go here.



Hi Peter--252

Thank you for those tips.  I will certainly give it a try.


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