Lesson 7.3



In the lesson, both in the extra vocabulary, and in the tests (question 29/55, at least in the 'know it' section when I did it), 'tout ce qu'il me faut' is incorrectly translated as "All I need NOW'. For that translation to be accurate, 'maintenant' needs to be included in the phrase - as within the lesson "Maintenant tout ce qu'il (nous) faut" for "All we need now . . .". I have checked several translation sites and with my wife, a native French speaker and translator, none include 'now' as part of the translation of the basic phrase 'tout ce qu'il .... faut ...'


Salut MCK !

You're right, without the word maintenant, there is no meaning of "now" in this phrase. I will pass this on to the French team so that they can remove this word from the translation of the phrase.

Our apologies for the error, and many thanks for pointing it out to us!

À la prochaine,


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