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Lesson 7.5 - ? Incorrect dictation-translation couplet



«J'aime aller voir ma famille qui habite dans le sud près de la Vence, et le tarif par train me coûte cent quarante euros aller-retour»     «I like to go see my family who live in the south near Vence, and the train fare costs me 140 euros round trip.»
The French sentence includes «de la Vence» which is incorrect if the meaning is "near Vence" (the commune).  As I understand it, and according to 2 native speakers (my wife and another), communes, like towns and cities, generally don't take a definite article (unless it is part of the full name like towns/cities of La Rochelle or Le Havre). On the other hand if the French is referring to the river Vence, then «de la Vence» is correct but the English translation needs to be either  near to the Vence river, or near to the river Vence,  not just "near Vence"


Salut MCK !

Indeed, it would be unusual for a commune to be referred to with a definite article; la Vence would seemingly refer to the river. I will make sure that the translation is updated to reflect this.

Thank you very much for letting us know about this, and our apologies for the confusion caused.

À la prochaine,


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