Forum Rocket French French Feedback and Comments lesson 8.5 travailler comme un fou to like a slave Lit.

lesson 8.5 travailler comme un fou to like a slave Lit.



Lesson 8.5 states the following:
travailler comme un fou
to like a slave

Is this correct or should it be work like a slave?

The next phrase is   
travailler comme une folle  to work like a slave
 Which obviously includes the word work.

Also the first translation shows up as, to like a slave, in the  flash cards and maybe more? (I have not gotten that far yet)



Salut Wayne422 !

Thank you very much for your feedback, and my apologies for the late reply to your post!

Indeed, it looks like there has been a typo in the translation for travailler comme un fou - the verb "to work" should be included. You could think of this phrase as "to slave," too. Another possible (loose) translation would be "to work like crazy."

I will pass this on to the French team to take a look at these translations. 

Merci encore,


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