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Lesson 9.5 - Quiz not showing correct results


Good afternoon.

In lesson 9.5, even when I answer all the questions correctly, it still shows as "0/5" and a red mark.

4. Quiz
100% CompleteReset

marieg-rocket languages

Hi allisonfbatista, 

We thank you for your feedback. We have gone ahead and reported the problem to our tech support team for review; as soon as I get a reply from them, I will let you know. 

Kind Regards!


I've noticed that happens on the module test as well -  in Module 7 to be precise.
This means that if you don't get 100% on the other tests you can't get 80% overall.

marieg-rocket languages

Hi there,

Apologies for the delay in getting back to you. This was fixed a couple of days ago both on the lessons and the Module Tests. 

Kind Regards!

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