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Lesson Quizes Could Have More Infromation



I wonder if more information could be provided for the responses in the multiple choice Lesson Quizes. Sometimes the words presented haven't yet been covered in RF, leading to guesses. The only ones for which meanings are sometimes given are the correct and the incorrect responses. Following is one example from Lesson 4.4: Which of these is not a restaurant position? . . Un sous-chef . . Une ouvrière . . Un maitre d'hôtel . . Un sommelier When I did the quiz my thinking was as follows: . . The sous-chef is some kind of chef and likely not the correct answer. . . The maitre d'hotel probably workes in a hotel and likely not the correct answer. . . The ouvrière and sommelier were new to me so I looked them up in the dictionary. . . The ouvrière is a female worker and the sommelier serves wine; each could be found in a restaurant. . . I selected the maitre d'hotel because all the others could work in a restaurant. The correct answer was actually the ouvrière, but no explanation was given as to what each one does, other than that the ouvrière is a female worker. This same quiz had one other question with words not yet introduced in the RF course. Having more information would enhance the learning process.

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