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Lessons in Premium Plus - Level 2 - Begin with Lesson1



I finally completed the Premium - Level 1 - Lessons and started on the Level 2 lessons.  Today, when I listened to Module 9.3, to my surprise, I heard, "Bienvenue a Rocket French Interactive Audio Course, leçon un tois. . ."  I did a double take, thinking I'd opened the wrong lesson.

A little checking told me that indeed the Premium Plus numbering system begins anew with Lesson 1 in the audio but continues with Lesson 9 in the text version.  I also found that the Platinum begin with Lesson 15 in the audio, but continue with Lesson 17 in the text version.

Is there a logic for the confusion of numbers?  Why are they different in the audio and the text?


Hi Diana - Sorry for the confusion. The Level 2 and 3 tracks were recorded a few years ago and the numbering system was different then. In fact the courses as they are today are pretty much unrecognizable from those days.

Re-recording those tracks would be extremely tricky. We have looked into it and it will be a messy exercize.

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