List of badges?



Is there a list of badges that I can look at? It would be very helpful for me. Thanks!


You can find the list of badges under "Help".  I copied and pasted the following.

0 points: ‘Novice’ 
500 points: 'Learner'
1,000 points: 'Apprentice'
1,500 points: 'Explorer'
2,000 points: 'Voyager'
2,750 points: 'Artisan'
3,500 points: 'Leader'
5,000 points: 'Specialist'
7,500 points: 'Guru'
10,000 points: ‘Certified’
After 10,000 points you become “Certified” and start earning stars:
12,500 points: ‘Green Star Master’
22,500 points: ‘Blue Star Master’
32,500 points: ‘Red Star Master’
42,500 points: ‘Silver Star Master’
64,000 points: ‘Gold Star Master’
150,000 points: 'Platinum Star Master'
200,000 points: 'Black Star Master'
250,000 points 'Green Star Hero'
300,000 points: 'Blue Star Hero'
350,000 points: 'Red Star Hero'
400,000 points: 'Silver Star Hero'
450,000 points: 'Gold Star Hero'
500,000 points: 'Platinum Star Hero'
over 550,000 points: 'Black Star Hero'

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