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Module Tests Glitching


The module test is glitching. When I took the test yesterday (and again today), it is forcing me to reload the page after each section, or it wont move on to the next section. Also, it wont give me a score when I'm done the test. It will give each section's individual score but not the score for the whole test. Can you please fix this?

marieg-rocket languages

Hi lesieur200, 

Thank you for your feedback and out apologies for the inconvenience. We have reported the issue to our tech support team so they can review and fix the glitch as soon as possible. 

Kind Regards!


I had the same problem no response from support either

Took the test before the upgrade yesterday and then after same results


Has there been an update. Like to know that the issue has been fixed before I take the 12th module test for the third time.

Still no response from support.


Module 8 Certification test not working. I go through the "hear it / say it" and then, after that section is "finished", it does not continue to the written section and the "hear it/say it" states 0% completed. There is no way to continue. It just stops. I tried it three times and it fails at the same point each time (at the end of hear it / say it). Anyone else having this issue? Some earlier posts have similar issues with module tests that were supposed to be fixed?

marieg-rocket languages

Hi ClaudetteD2, 

Thank you for your feedback; our apologies for any inconvenience caused. Do you continue to have problems with the Certification test? I just tried it for the French course and it seemed to work OK. 

Please let us know. 

Kind Regards


Hi Claudette - I have managed to replicate this issue. We are looking into the cause asap!

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