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Seems a new forum was released (or else I am a beta tester). In either case, I missed the communication.

1) Phrase Finder is Broken. Type a word, hit find. Nothing.

2) Links do not always work. See my post here:


3) Every time you save a forum item (perhaps after you edit it) it will add quotes ' ' around the link. As you can see above.

4) If you try to use the keyboard it seems to get stuck in another language. For me, that is French. Perhaps because I have a French keyboard on my laptop but I use an external US International keyboard becuase it is better organized for programming and hot-keys.

5) The keyboard popup help shows Jsvk just before you click on the keyboard button above the edit window.

6) The new edit window no longer is expandable. For me that means I can only type 12 lines and then I have a scroll bar.

7) A preview message might be handy before submitting...

Formatting tests seem to be okay, except that it erased the eight at the beginning of this line.



I don't like the double spaces each time I hit enter.

9) Test of the bullet points:

  • Point 1
  • Point 2
  • Point 3
  • Link:

10) Test of the numbering:

  1. Number 1
  2. Number 2
  3. Number 3
  5. Link:

More on the keyboard.

I tried their demo keyboard here:

This seems to work, but the keyboard is open all the time while I type. Here at Rocket Languages, the keyboard opens, I type some letters, and then I click ok. I have to click ok twice. Once I click ok the second time, I can then return to typing like normal, but the keyboard I selected does not remain. And the keyboard I started the session with no longer matches what I am typing. So, simply by opening the keyboard, it re-maps every key on my keyboard for the duration of the web page. (I can refresh the page and return to my normal keyboard).

Hope those details help sort it out.



There is a another post in the main forum that may be a better fit.

Here's the link. Add comments there, please.



Bonjour Jason,

Merci pour ton commentaire, je l'ai passé directement à nos techniciens puisque j'avoue que tout ça n'est pas forcément mon domaine.

À bientôt

   -   Marie-Claire

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