Perfecting pronunciation



Hello RF,

I'm trying to perfect my pronunciation and I'm wondering if the voice recognition can help out a little more.

For example, "Une petite rue tranquille". I have a tendency to pronounce tranquille like an American where the tran is like train, but this is no good in French, I need to pronounce the tran like trahn. 

Even on the Hard level, Rocket Record Know It module doesn't even skip a beat and gives me 100%. I'm gonna perfect it myself for now, but I would really like to be able to record some vocabulary with my own voice while I am paying close attention and then use those as keys for review when I need to drill it into my head to use the French pronunciation.  



p.s. would be really nice to be able to click on an exercise icon on the dashboard (say it, write it, etc.) and be taken to the exercise. Currently it shows a bubble help but I can't use the icon for navigation until after opening the lesson. Let's improve that so that the navigation works directly from the dashboard, please.

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