Possible error in lesson 23.3



At about 9 mins 50 in this lesson, we are told that « avoir la cote » means "to have a good rating" or metaphorically, "be popular".
The actual phrase is pronounced  « mais le mariage à l'église a la cote » by Julie, both in the lesson and the individual phrasing. The meaning is "church weddings are popular". I believe this is what it's supposed to be.

However, it is written, both on the page and in the pdf as « le mariage à l'église à la côté », translated as "but church marriages aside", which I suspect is wrong. 


As an addendum, I notice that in the new feature, where the dialogue is printed under the lesson, it is printed as « Mais le mariage à l'église à la cote », so it gets the cote right, but still has à, which I think should be a i.e. the 3rd pers singular of avoir

This is at about 10 mins 30 sec.


Salut Peter--252 !

Thank you very much for pointing these mistakes out to us, and our apologies for the errors!

You're quite right: in all of these instances, the phrase should be written as a la cote and not as à la côté or as à la cote as shown by the transcription. It looks as though there was some confusion stemming from a spell check error on our end in the body of the lesson. I've passed this on to our development team to see about getting it fixed.

Merci encore, et à la prochaine !


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