Problem with 2.1 Audio



I'm in 2.1 on level 1. There is this statement:


“Vous pouvez faire une visite guidée de la ville.”


But the word “visite” said by the speaker makes the V really sound more like a D, so it sounds like “disite”. It throws me off every time I hear this one.



Occasionally you'll encounter some recording artifacts, even to the extent that it can sound like an additional syllable, but honestly, I don't hear anything out of place in your example. Based upon my recollection, it's most likely to be L's sounding like D's. And, yes, if it fools you once, the same instance seems capable of fooling you repeatedly.


Edit: Btw, devbanana, which browser do you use? I use Chrome, and I'm curious if the choice of browser might impact the listening/recording experience in some small ways.


One thing to keep in mind is, if it doesn't sound right, then it shouldn't make sense to you. If you're really grasping the French, you stand a much better chance of making sense of it (sorting it out) even when it doesn't sound right. My personal approach is to be able to recite each sentence in French to the satisfaction of the recorder without the assistance of reading the French or English before going on to the next one. Time consuming and somewhat stressful, but effective.


It can be frustrating when you keep tripping over the same instance, but it‘s nothing compared to the instances that you’ll come across where you can't make out what's being said, even while reading along, because four words are run together as one. (Rare, but it happens.) In those cases, don't even try to imitate the recording. Clear enunciation is what you'll need to satisfy the recorder.



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