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I'd like to clarify a couple of points in this lesson.

1)  The first line of dialogue is a greeting « Bonjour Messieurs-dames »  = "Good morning Sir, Madam."
Now the honorifics are singular in English but plural in the French, so is this just standard?
(I guess that « Bonjour Monsieur-Dame » would just sound wrong.)

2) In the 3rd conversation there is a line written
            « Il vous faudra quitter la chambre à dix heures du matin. » but to me (I've listened to it several times) it sounds like she says
            « Il vous faudra quitter la chambre à dix heures demain matin. »

It's a minor point, but I like to think my "ear for French" has developed pretty well over the course, and would be interested to know if I'm right here.

One final question - these points are  often minor, so are you happy for me to bring them up if I spot them? And is there an alternative way rather than via the forum?


Salut Peter--252 !

Thanks for your questions! I'll follow the same numbering system.

1) Indeed, Bonjour messieurs-dames is a standard greeting in French that is used for any group of people that consists of at least one man and one woman, so it is used for couples. The singular variation (Bonjour monsieur-dame) would indeed sound wrong and isn't used. Bonjour messieurs-dames is common, but a bit colloquial/informal, which is possibly why it doesn't really conform to the rules you'd expect. A more "proper" greeting for a man and a woman would be something like Bonjour madame, bonjour monsieur.

2) I've taken a listen to the audio and you're right: she is definitely saying demain matin and not du matin. Thank you for pointing this error out to us, and our apologies! I'll pass it on to get corrected.

3) We'd like to make sure that we catch and correct any errors or typos in our courses, however small, so please do point them out if you're able to! It's a big help to us, and lets us perfect the courses for current and future users. The best way would be to contact our support team directly at [email protected]

Thank you! And do let me know if you still have any questions about messieurs-dames!

À la prochaine,


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