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Questions on using the Grammar Course



1. I'm not sure whether I'm supposed to be able to type my answers directly onto the page for the grammar questions. If so it doesn't work. If not how does the program know when I have completed a unit? 2. The Rocket French Menu already has dates recorded for completion of certain units when I haven't completed any units.

Hi there, unfortunately you can't type the answers in directly. The easiest way is to print them out. That way you can take them with you no matter where and when you have a free minute for your French learning. I'm not sure what you mean regarding your second question. Could you please explain in more detail what you mean? Thank you.

When you first start the course three of the lessons (LP01, 02 and 06 if I remember correctly) already have a date on them, Apr 20 2006. It's not a big problem but maybe a little confusing to start with. It looks kind of like someone did a last-minute test (on 20 Apr 06) but forgot to reset it before packaging it up.

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