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Quiz could use work, in Lesson 17.8 Verbe Faire



whoa nelly.

The quiz in the 17.8 Verbe Faire lesson throws in three (out of 5) questions using parts of the verb 'faire' that are not covered even a little bit, in that lesson, and haven't been seen for many moons back, if ever.

For example, the first question assumes we know that "fis" IS a correct part of 'faire', but doesn't use it or show it anywhere in the lesson...

Second example--the third question (of 5) is this:
What is the correct subjunctive form of the verb « faire » ?
  •  Fasions
  •  Faissons
  •  Fassions
  •  Ferons
The only time the lesson mentions subjunctive for 'faire', it shows it as "que je fasse".   Could it maybe be changed to say the correct subjunctive for 'nous'? or maybe the whole lesson needs a full conjugation list for 'faire', like the prior two lessons? (very helpful by the way).  

Third-- the last question shows this:

Which form of « faire » is NOT correct?
  •  Fites
  •  Faites
  •  Fusse
  •  Ferons
I answered 'fites', but it says "fusse" is the correct answer.  In the lesson, it shows that "fusse" is the subjunctive (therefore CORRECT as in, yes, it's part of the verb,), but the question just says "which one is INcorrect?"  Incorrect for what?  So, is the question worded strangely, or am I misreading something?  I haven't had a quiz confuse me like this, in the whole program, until this one.

Could someone consider updating that quiz so it makes sense, or flesh out the lesson a little more, pretty please?


ps- otherwise I love you.  :)


Bonjour Stefanie,
You should try to remember that this course is NOT an all-inclusive French course. It doesn't contain all verbs, conjugations, pronouns .... nor is it intended to. It should be used along with other reference material to supplement and complement it. I always have a dictionary and the "501 French Verbs" nearby for reference when I do the lessons. If it had full conjugations of all verbs used in each lesson it would become too cumbersome and quickly boring.

I, like you, see things that have not been fully explained in the lesson or just glazed over. As for "fusse", I didn't see it in the lesson and it is not a form of "faire". I did see "fasse" which is the 1st and 3rd person present subjunctive (check your glasses!!).
I'm surprised, as far along as you are in the lessons, that you haven't seen more errors. I find several errors in translation and spelling in many of the lessons. Keep at it.

Bon courage,


Thanks Michael, I sometimes see little things here and there, but that was the first quiz that I literally failed right off the bat, so it threw me.  The quizes have usually tended to contain words that are actually covered, used, or at least mentioned in the lessons.  

And yeah, I should check my glasses indeed.


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