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Quiz questions not covered in corresponding lesson.


I've practically given up on considering the quizzes an actual means of evaluation as I've of found that nearly all of them include completely random questions that are not covered in preceding lessons. I think the quizzes are an important part of the learning process and it could definitely use improvement. Other than that the program is great and I'm learning very much.


Bonjour Netochka! Thanks for your post and suggestion. When you're in a particular lesson that doesn't seem to match the quiz, you can always click on the feedback button in the upper right-hand corner and send us a quick message. This way, we'll know exactly which quizzes and lessons need to be looked at better. Merci! All the best for your French learning! :D Marie Claire


Thank You, I hadn't realized that before posting.I will definitely do that from now on.



I can find no feedback button on the quiz nor after I complete the quiz. 

On French Lesson 1.2 - There is a question on the quiz that was not covered in the lesson. The question is (paraphrased) Do you like to learn French? That was not in any part of the lesson.
Just an FYI.



I have one more to add to this.. In lesson 1.3, the phrase included in the quiz is"

"Je sais ce que c'est"

It was not in the lesson. It may be that I am supposed to figure it out, but I would expect that type of teaching in the lesson, not in the quiz.


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