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CJ Dukaine

CJ Dukaine

I saw a YouTube video recently by a native French speaker that said that the reverse question order is no longer used, and that it sounds a bit posh and super-awkward, almost Shakespearan, like someone using "thee" or "thou" in English.  Perhaps in the next update, maybe, add that piece of information into one of the interactive or language lessons. I'm only just finishing section 2 of level one, so maybe it's in another lesson I haven't seen or in Travelogue which I haven't purchased yet, but since asking questions is something that beginners will do a lot, I think it's helpful to have that info early.


Salut caryn-f !

Thank you very much for getting in touch with us with your feedback! You've put your finger on an interesting point when it comes to French questions.

The impression that native French speakers have on the inverted/reversed question order is actually something that is going to vary based on their location. In some parts of France (or other French-speaking countries), it may well be that this way of asking questions seems to be of a very high register; however, there are other parts of the country (and the world) where native French speakers don't have this impression and the inverted method is more commonly used.

This forum thread here goes into a bit more detail on the subject and on other ways to ask questions, which you may find helpful:

I will pass this on to the development team to see if they might be able to add some mention of this to the course, to help clear up any questions. 

À la prochaine,


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