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Salut! I was reading the "Welcome to Rocket French" forum and it said there was a Rocket French Grammar & Culture Series that you could use that "corresponded closely" to the Interactive Audio Courses. I cant find that and was wondering if that comes in the basic Rocket French download or if that was in something else? Thanks

Hi there, the Rocket French Grammar & Culture Series are the Rocket French grammar lessons that are part of the software package. There are 45 lessons in total and each of them has a range of exercises. Some lessons focus on grammar and how French works, the other lessons give you some cultural background information. There is also a random audio button that you can use to test yourself on all the example phrases that are used in the grammar and culture series. Have fun!


Salut, I just joined the program and like bcschwartz, was reading the intro on the Forum - and I also cannot find the Grammar and Culture Series - all I have within the software package are the lessions and the three sections of the games. Where do I click or look to actually find these 45 lessons. Merci

Hi there, the 45 lessons that are part of the Rocket French software are the Grammar and Culture lessons. I apologize if the naming is confusing. The 45 lessons cover grammar and cultural topics and give you an insight on how French works. As a member you also receive our newsletter series per email. If you haven't received any newsletters per email please check your junk folder to make sure they didn't end up there. I hope that helps. :D

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