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Rocket French Travelogues - New Functionality



Bonjour tout le monde !

I am happy to announce a new feature on the Rocket French Travelogues. 

We have added the ability to record yourself using the Rocket Record voice recognition tool while listening to the Travelogue audio track.

Just click the microphone icon indicated by the arrow below to toggle this feature on or off.

The audio player has also been updated so that you can click a phrase and jump to that phrase. A very handy feature when working your way through the course.

Over the next couple of months we will be rolling this feature out to all Rocket French levels.

If you don't have the Rocket French Travelogues and want to find out more, click here.

A bientôt !

Jason Oxenham




HI Jason

My question is. Are you going to be including this function on Rocket Italian Travelogues?




Hi Sebongela

Within the next month we hope to roll this out to all of the Interactive Audio lessons in French and Spanish. Once that's done we will be looking at Italian!

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